January 2024 Casual Conversation - So you had a bad day...

Dated: January 12 2024

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Well, it's the new year and the cold is here. Welcome to January 2024's Casual Conversation. It is currently a balmy -37° outside and feels like -43°. The schools are closed and if you have the opportunity to hunker down at home for a long winter's nap, I think you'd take advantage of it.

Ever had a bad day? Or just those days where you feel like the universe is 100% against you. I've had a couple of them this week and I have to say, it's been a lot. This is actually the fifth time I have recorded this vlog. Yesterday I recorded it four times, one time I messed up and then three times I kept on running out of memory space on my phone in the middle of it so it cut me off. In addition to that, let's see, I accidentally deleted the video that I had just recorded to put on my social media, so it was just kind of one of those days where it just kept coming at me. I know I had a few things this year that I was really excited to get going and have planned and it feels like nobody else has the same excitement about it or isn't interested in it as I am and so that was kind of a let down, so it's just been one of those weeks.

I've read that if you hate everyone, eat and if you feel like everyone hates you, sleep, so yesterday, I packed it in for the day. I always find if you do something that reminds you or gives you comfort and makes you feel happy, it's one of those best solutions so I called her a day, I went downstairs, I watched Boy Meets World, and I ate cheese, so pretty perfect day.

If you're having a bad day or when those bad days come, because they come for all of us, remember that there's people out there, I know it's not something that we constantly or very frequently bring to the surface and chat about with other people but when I've been talking to friends and colleagues and even clients about  just a crappy situation or something, we all have them, and sometimes you just need someone to talk, I am always here if you need to talk, please reach out and remember, if you need to just call it a day and go watch your favourite show or curl up with a good book or even just sleep, take a break, have a nap, it's okay, and the great thing is, when you wake up, things pretty much always look better. Even today, you don't need a new year to start something, you don't need a new week to start something, but waking up this morning, I'm excited again for what I want to do this year. I look forward to the plans that I have and the ones that I looked at this last week that people were just not as excited as I was, you know what? We pivot. We figure out a different way, a different angle, and a different way to do things.

I hope that you are enjoying the new look of the newsletter, it was a daunting task to be honest. We were hoping that we would have somebody to help by this point but even that's been a challenge to find somebody that fits right with what we're looking for so it was on me and my husband to design it and hopefully it will evolve a little bit from here, but I hope you enjoy the new look and I'm excited for you guys  to, to come along on the journey and share all the new information that I would like to share with you.

As always, who do you know who is looking for help? I'm always here, I would love to connect with your friends, your family, and I would love to connect with you. If you have questions about your house, if you have questions about the real estate market, if you have questions about the house that's sold down the street, give me a call and we can look at things together.

I hope that you guys have a great month, and that January makes you feel new and refreshed and that the cold doesn't get you down. Have just a great, amazing time in the next bit and I look forward to checking in with you again soon and I will talk to you later. Bye.

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