November 2023 Casual Conversation-"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

Dated: November 14 2023

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Hi and welcome to the Casual Conversation for November 2023, I am so appreciative that you have take the time to come and check in with me.

I can’t believe it is already November! It feels like the year has flown by and we are now at the point where for me, it’s about planning for next year. I am one of the big believers in “if you fail to plan you plan to fail” so I spend a lot of time making sure that I know where I am going next year, what my goals are and laying out a plan on how I want to achieve them. There are many things that I want to be involved with, with my community, with my business, with my town and making sure that I have the time to dedicate to all of those things is really important to me so, planning to have that time is really important to me. I know I get made fun of for my calendar that is all color coded, but I know where I have to be and all the things that I need to do and I've been spending a lot of time working to find out what that perfect balance is for me.

When it comes to planning for my business being present in all of the things that I want to do is also really important to me, and I know that part of that is taking time for myself and so in order to take time for myself, I need to plan to have the work done so that I can. I have to say my planning has served me well. I didn't in any way plan to spend the last week fighting with everything I have not to get sick, but I'm very glad that I have planned ahead, and I have things in place that I can sleep a couple of days away, which I have, and I think that that might actually happen again today. I'm still not feeling 100 percent and really need my rest and it makes me feel a little bit better to know that I have things taken care of that I can step back and just sleep. 

When it comes to planning for the next year, it's not just my business that we focus on for planning, it is also our lives and we sit down, and have for years, about this time of the year and re-evaluate what our goals are as a family and personal goals and what we are looking to accomplish next year and how we're going to get there. Some things that we spend money on, is it important for us to still spend money on that or is there something that we can use our resources better, our time, our money, our energy on that would serve us better as people, our mental health, our physical health, and what we can do to kind of just reset our lives. I know January is commonly the New Year New Resolution, but if you haven't planned for the resolution, I hate to break it to you January 1st saying, “I'm going to lose 20 pounds”, doesn't just happen very quickly, you have to plan for it and if it does happen like this and somebody knows how, please tell me.

So this upcoming year, I want to make sure that I am helping people as much as I possibly can and with that, I would like your help. I would like your help to know what people want, what questions people have, what are your… what are the real estate terms that you don't know that you want to know? Do you know what a title is? Do you know what a semi-detached property is? Is that something that you think is beneficial for other people to know? If you haven't checked out my social media, I highly invite you to, I have a lot of fun teaching people real estate terms while doing trending dances so a little bit of fun for me and education for you. But I want to know what kind of things you guys want to see. I know that we have events that we've done in our community that we just don't have the ability to do this year, which is unfortunate and so trying to shift and find what it is that I can do instead is a big something weighing on my mind. I don't, I'm not sure what to do to, to make sure that my community feels loved and cared for so if anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

I just appreciate all of you guys being involved, not just in my life, but with my business and helping me grow so I know that my gratitude is something I plan to share with you more and more in the coming year. I thank you so much for taking this little bit of time to check in with me. And I look forward to actually talking to you face to face or on the phone in the next little bit to just reestablish those connections that sometimes we don't get to work on all the time. 

Thank you again for being here. Please tell your friends and family if they have any questions to reach out. If you know anybody that's looking to move, I'm always here to help answer any questions and just talk people through things. I look forward to talking to you again in a month. I am gonna go and have a nap and hopefully next month when I talk to you, I will feel much better, and I will be planning to take on the world. Have a great day, have a great November, and I'll talk to you guys again soon. Bye!

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